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Paper Not Foil is re-usable and our clients love it

Paper Not Foil is the World's first sustainable hair foil, researched and developed in New Zealand. When Founder, Amanda Buckingham created Paper Not Foil, she wanted the tool to have multiple benefits to all users on the foils journey. That is why Paper is also re-useable. Our paper foils are made from industrial waste and have the ability to be reused up to three times.

Making Paper re-useable increases it's sustainable benefit, reduces salon costs and reduces salon waste. 

Sounds great but how do we re-use it...

Our Founder, Amanda explains "You can wash them by hand or put them in the washing machine with a few basin towels. Once they have been washed, you can pull them out, and dry how you wish - on the clothesline, clothes horse, in a pile to dry by themselves or in the cane basket in the sun."

If you are going to use a washing machine, we advise - put them in with a few towels and biodegradable wash powder or shampoo - wait till cycle has finished, pull out and pat straight - DONE, ready to use again. This is what Arrowtown Hair Salon do. Their manager, Amelia says "it's quick and easy that way, we are a busy salon and this suits us the best".

Felicity Wilson, Group Manager of four salons told us that each of her salons washes and dry the foils differently. Personally, she likes to "soak them, then wipe them clean & dry them on a clothes horse"

If you are hanging them out to dry, then it only takes a few seconds each time. We think using a clothes horse is best and that or throwing them in the clothes dryer seems to be the most popular choices.

If you are going to use a clothes dryer, again we suggest you put them in with a few towels. Don't dry them longer than 10 minutes, they should only take one or two minutes to dry.

We have an existing development to announce shortly that will make re-using Paper even easier and further increase our sustainable benefit to our planet.


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