The Revolutionary Alternative For Colouring Hair

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Passion + Creativity

How passion drove our Founder, Stylist & Super Mum to create an industry revolution.

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For Salons

We reduce your waste and improve your bottom line.

For Stylists

We save you time and increase your creativity

For Clients

We increase your comfort and reduce your environmental impact.

“Just brilliant, finally a sustainable, eco friendly alternative to using foil, we especially enjoy using Paper for our creative colour work, clients support the idea of us reducing waste and caring for our environment.”

Kylie, Moha Hairdressing

"From colours, highlights to balayage it is not only easy to use, but creates the most amazing results without compromising the earth. We are impressed with how they can be washed, reused and then break down so quickly compared to tin foil."

Amelia, Arrowtown Hair

"As we are a salon trying to bring our carbon footprint down, having access to this wonderful product is helping us to do this. Paper not foil is just as cost effective if not more than tinfoil, you really have no excuse not to have it in your cupboard."

Vicki, Vibe Hair & Skin Therapy

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