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How to achieve the HERRINGBONE technique using Paper Not Foil.

The herringbone technique is effortless, satisfying and produces beautiful results on your clients. 

Here's the steps on how to use this technique: 

  1. Section your clients hair to their desired part line. 
  2. Slice of weave one side of the part line, on a slight 45 degree angle, starting wherever you want the colour to begin - Nape, crown or front money pieces. 
  3. Apply Paper Not Foil and your colour to the hair as normal, then fold together.
  4. Take the next slice or weave on the other side of the part line you started with, just slightly higher then the previous one. 1/2 a cm which will allow you to cross over the part line creating a zig zag brickwork placement.
  5. Apply colour as normal and repeat step 4 again on the opposite side. (The side you started with going 1/2 cm higher and crossing over the part line).
  6. You should now start to see or imagine a zig zag placement from the part line.
  7. Continue all the way to the front hairline and you will have sections of Paper Not Foil continuously overlapping one another, slightly giving a side to side crossing effect that will give seamless positioning of foils.

Note - You can leave as much or as little between the foils as you want.1/2 cm is just a guideline!

This herringbone technique covers a large section of the head and you often only need to place a couple of foils in the sides/temple area to meet the top foils.  

Give this technique a go for yourself so you can see the beautiful results it creates. Get your hands on some Paper Not Foil HERE

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