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How to use the corner-cutting technique with Paper Not Foil to follow the shape of the head.

Here's a step by step guide on how to use the corner-cutting technique to follow the shape of the head when foiling with Paper Not Foil. 

This technique may help you to reduce slipping and movement around those hard to reach or tricky sections. 

1) Fold your Paper Not Foil in half and cut the end off on and angle. 

2) Section your hair as your normally would, but we're focusing this technique on an angle or around areas of the head that are harder to reach. 

3) Tuck your Paper Not Foil in against the scalp.

4) Apply your colour as normal.

5) Fold your Paper Not Foil in half - You will notice the angle will meet together when you fold.

6) Continue to work around the head or around the areas that are difficult. 

Give this technique a try when you're foiling next and let us know what you think.

Here's the video version for those who prefer a visual option -


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  • Jean Philippe ARMANET

    Hi , I love papernotfoil and I normally foilled my papers to follow the head shape then I’m happy to see this technical way of cutting the Papers !!
    I’m happy to order a new pack to be ready ,after Sydney’s lockdown ,to bring PAPER NOT FOIL ,to the Salon ,I work with as contractor cause they aren’t use it already !! Let’s continue to protect the Planet ,stay safe and keep the good vibes ! All the best Collègues and thanks again PAPER not foil for your support and work to preserve the Planet !
    Best regards ,Jean philippe Armanet 🙏🌹🐝

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